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– Give donation pet food – dog or cat – for Szent Ferenc Animal Care Foundation in Ócsa!

Each and Every tiny bit is help for us. You can buy pet food for our foundation, 254 ft/kg, via Acanashop.hu webpage using the following link:


Thanks for this Acanashop.hu!

– Buy from our webshop!

By purchasing products from our webshop you will be able to offer donations to Szent Ferenc Animal Care Foundation and Sight Hound Breed Rescue. It is a true win-win situation, for you will not only get high-quality and unique products but your money will also help to save doggies and pussycats.

– Supporting with donation of money

Of course you can support us with donations, every little amount helps! We are thankful for every donation!
Bank Name: Erste Bank
Receiver Name: Szent Ferenc Allatotthon Alapitvany
Reference: (please indicate the intended purpose of your donation)
Receiver IBAN: HU48 1199 1102 0214 9699 0000 0000
Receiver Bank SWIFT Address / BIC: GIBAHUHB
Thank you for your help! 

– Through Paypal

Direct donation to the shelter through paypal:  https://www.paypal.me/szentferenc


– With the 1% of your personal income tax (for people who work and pay taxes in Hungary)

If you want to support us with the 1% of your personal income tax, don’t forget that besides the VAT number you need to mark the name of the Szent Ferenc Animal Care Foundation precisely as well (even if it says that it’s not needed!!)!

Our VAT number: 18078477-1-13

Name of the beneficiary:  Szent Ferenc Állatotthon Alapítvány

– With material donations

You can support the shelter with material donations aswell; we are always in need of building materials, wheelbarrow, shovel, wood waste (to cook and to heat) and of course food for the dogs, anthelmintic, protectors against flea and vaccines.


  • liquid vitamins
  • antibiotics
  • rimadil
  • protectives against fleas (eg. neocidol, frontline)
  • anthelmintic


  • dog food (dry and canned)
  • dog house
  • leash
  • collar
  • bowls, dishes (min. 2 L)
  • bucket (metal)
  • toys for dogs
  • blankets
  • straw
  • dog cloths
  • dog diaper


  • liquid soap
  • detergent
  • dish soap
  • hypo, domestos, florasept
  • almost anything

Building materials

  • brick
  • cement
  • gravel
  • lime
  • corrugated (min 220 cm)
  • wheelbarrow
  • tools
  • woven gauze
  • 2 front doors
  • wood waste (for cooking, heating)

Other (expensive things)

  • wooden house
  • petrol subsidy
  • phone
  • car (not older than 7 years)
  • computer
  • petrol mower
  • gasoline saw
  • aggregator
  • digital camera

It’s not a problem if they are used, but the warranty cannot be expired or we can’t use it!

– Join our support club in Facebook

Our animal shelter is struggling with continuous shortage of financial resources, thus our volunteers created a support club via Facebook. Anyone can become a member of the club who undertakes to transfer minimum 1000 HUF every month – preferable 15th of every month.
Our goal is to establish a stable resource each month to cover for the most vital expenditures of the Foundation.
If you have the opportunity to transfer 1000 HUF per month to support our Foundation, do not hesitate to apply to our club. We are counting on you!

Facebook link: Támogató Klub

Bank Name: Erste Bank
Receiver Name: Szent Ferenc Allatotthon Alapitvany
Reference: (please indicate the intended purpose of your donation)
Receiver IBAN: HU48 1199 1102 0214 9699 0000 0000
Receiver Bank SWIFT Address / BIC: GIBAHUHB

Thank you for your help!