Greyhound rescue

The Szent Ferenc Animal Care Foundation founded the Greyhound Rescue. Our mother loved these dogs and we grew up among them, so we felt obligated to help this rightly well-known species and to improve the quality of life of orphaned greyhounds. In the last 15 years there have been a lot of greyhounds in our  care, and now we go further, and pay special attention to these dogs. This way we would like to prove our workmanlike not only to the professionals, that the fallen champions of the racetracks have a home in Hungary. We want to make the rescue more efficient and to give a safe tower for them.

In the future we want to build an own part for greyhounds inside the Animal Care, with attention to their special needs. We are over the planning part, and we happily accept help for the realisation for the Foundation’s separated bank account. In the comment field please state “agár”.


Ócsa 2364 Újerdő 33. Hungary

International Bank Account: HU48 1199 1102 0214 9699 0000 0000