Success stories

We’d like to present you with our success stories-photos. At the same time, we’d like to thank both the Hungarian and foreign owners of our four-legged protégés for their adoption and for loving them for the rest of their lives. We’d also like to thank our volunteers who have been running the German language Szent Ferenc Animal Care Foundation FB-page for their devoted work, without which there wouldn’t be so many success stories in this album. Thank you Tierschutzverein zum Hl. Franziskus!  So as to many more success stories can get in this album, please support our shelter. This is where you can see how you can help: Thank you very much for your care and help!

Some of the dogs have especially heart-wearming stories, either because they had lived for so long in the shelter before having been adopted, or because they were labelled chanceless by their ex-owners who handed them in the animal home. Here are some of the stories:

Photos from the new owners: