Adoption questionnaire

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If you are intending to adopt one of our rescues, please, fill in and send us back this questionnaire. We kindly ask you to answer as many questions as possible.


Pre-adoption questionnaire


Please, do not feel offended in any ways. It is our interest to find the best place for our rescues and ensure them a calm and balanced life for the future. More importantly, it is your interest as well, to adopt adopt a dog that suits your lifestyle best in order to avoid complications in the future.






Date of birth:









  • Which dog are you interested in?
  • Why did you choose this dog?
  • Have you inquired about breed-specific characteristics, e.g. protective instincts, level of activity, etc?


1. Other people in your household


  • Number of adults:
  • Number of children and their age*:
  • Who will be looking after the dog?


*You have to be aware that children under the age of 12 may never be left alone with the dog because some dogs may play roughly or cannot be disturbed during their rest.


2. Do you live:


  • in a house
  • in a flat
  • in a sublet*
  • on which floor (escalators and/or stairs?)


*If yes, has the owner given permission to keep a dog there?


  • in the city centre
  • in the outskirts
  • in the conurbation


3. Other pets in the household:


  • Dog(s):
  • Breed:
  • Sex:
  • Is it neutered?
  • If you own a dog, please, give a short description of it.
  • Cats?
  • Other pets?


4. Keeping


  • Would you keep the dog in a kennel?
  • … temporarily?
  • Do you have a garden?
  • Is it fenced?
  • Size of garden:
  • Which rooms would the dog be banned from?
  • Where would the dog sleep during the night?


5. General questions


  • Do you have a job?
  • How long would the dog be left alone a day?
  • Do you have any experience with dogs?
  • Can you take a few days off to help the new family member adapt to its new home?
  • Do all your other family members agree with the new dog’s arrival?
  • Are you certain that neither you, nor others in the family are allergic to dog hair?
  • Please, write a few lines on how you imagine a day with the new dog:
  • Is it possible to walk the dog safely off-leash in your area?
  • Can you get the dog to meet other dogs?
  • Are you planning to take the dog to dog school or the puppy to puppy school?
  • How often do you think a dog needs a walk and how long do you think these walks should be?
  • Is there a dog park near you? Are there parks, dog-walking areas, fields, meadows or forests close to your home?
  • Do you have enough patience, time and understanding for the adaptation period? (House-training, handling shyness, distrust, uncertainty, a puppy’s chewing period, etc)
  • Did you know that the veterinary cost may be high at first owing to the stress caused by the change in the environment and eating habits?
  • In some cases, dogs may have injuries, scars or diseases (both physical and mental) of unknown origin. Would this be a reason for you to return the dog?
  • Do you travel a lot? Will the dog have to face lots of new situations? Or can you provide the dog calmness and balance in a stable environment?
  • Would you travel a long distance to get to know the dog?
  • Do you have any ideas who will be looking after the dog while you are on holiday?
  • Please, describe a dog that you would not be keeping and would return to the shelter:
  • Have you adopted a rescue dog before?
    If yes, when and from where?
  • Have you returned a pet to the shelter?
    If yes, when and why?
  • Is your financial state stable enough to cover the costs that arise with the keeping of a dog? (food, veterinary costs, equipment, etc)
  • In your estimation, how high are the annual veterinary costs of a dog (including basic vaccinations, vermifuges, removing tartar, small injuries)?
  • Have you checked the laws of pet-keeping in your country?
  • Have you taken into consideration that dogs may live up to 15-16 years?
  • Did you know that with an elderly dog (even if it is healthy) there arise problems such as incontinence, difficulty with mounting the steps or get in the car on its own?
  • In a few words, please, describe the newcomer as you imagine it to be:


Date (typed document, valid without signature)


By signing this document you agree that we keep your data but not give it to a third person, unless the well-being of the animal makes it necessary.